Police search for man missing from Male'

Ahmed Naashid, the man who has gone missing in Male'.

Maldives Police Service has begun searching for a man after receiving reports of him going missing.

The person police are searching for is 46-year-old Ahmed Naashid from H. Cauliflower/K. Male’.

Police have stated that Naashid’s family reported him missing this past Sunday after he disappeared this past Wednesday.

Police further stated that all relevant police departments have been notified of the missing person and that they have begun to search for him.

As the search for Naashid has not wielded any results, Maldives Police Service urges anyone with any information about Naashid to contact the Serious and Organized Crime Department of police at 9911099 and relay that information.

The police have been receiving a lot of missing person reports recently. Police have even been called to the security committee of the Parliament to give information regarding a case of two people that were reported missing recently.