BML warns of increased scam calls under guise of awarding flats

Bank of Maldives (BML) warns of increased scam calls claiming receipt of flat. (Photo/BML)

Bank of Maldives (BML), warning customers of increased scam calls and texts targeted towards obtaining personal banking information under the guise of award of flat, has noted having received complaints from some customers losing money after providing information requested through these calls and texts.

The national bank said they have always worked to raise awareness regarding scam calls and texts under the guise of different names to obtain personal banking information from customers, which subsequently is used to steal money from them. They stressed repeatedly advising customers against sharing such information.

BML’s Public Relations Manager Mohamed Saeed, speaking to Sun regarding the matter on Wednesday, said cases submitted this week pertain to customers purchasing goods through Facebook pages. In this regard, he detailed that customers have been blocked by pages, thereby having no way of contacting them, without delivering goods purchased after transfer of money.

“Probe into these cases shows that customers sending money have no further information regarding these pages. Henceforth, advising customers against conducting financial transactions with unknown parties. Furthermore, cases of conducting financial transactions with information obtained fraudulently from customers are still prevalent,” he said.

Saeed, briefing on complaints submitted to the bank, said that internet banking usernames and passwords are often stolen from customers via unknown links sent through texts. Noting that there have been circumstances where OTPs sent to customer’s registered email or mobile phone number are being shared with parties – Saeed said such information needs to be disclosed to even the bank and other authorities.

Therewith, he once again urged customers against sharing such information with any party.

BML said that customers have received calls under the guise of different authorities claiming for them to have won housing opportunities. Additionally, they also underscored cases of not receiving the money after conducting dollar purchases from unknown parties.