Three arrested from Fuvahmulah for prostitution

Police arrest five foreigners for prostitution on December 20, 2019. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Police have arrested three suspects from Fuvahmulah City on Saturday, in a raid conducted in response to intel regarding a prostitution case.

A police spokesperson said the three suspects were arrested in a raid on a spa in the city.

The suspects were identified as a 43-year-old Thai woman, a 36-year-old Thai woman, and a 31-year-old Maldivian man.

The latest case comes after the police arrested four suspects for prostitution in a raid on the Roalhi Guesthouse in Male’ City on February 21. They were identified as a 43-year-old Maldivian man, a 43-year-old foreign man, a 31-year-old foreign woman, and a 36-year-old foreign woman.

The Maldivian suspect has since been granted conditional release while the two women have been deported.