Advertorial: MWSC launches lab equipment calibration service

MWSC launches Lab Equipment Calibration Service.

Established on the 1st of April 1995, Male’ Water and Sewerage Company is the pioneer organization in the Maldives to institute a water production and wastewater management system. Since then, the Company has worked diligently to provide the people of Male’ with potable water and manage wastewater sustainably. Today, MWSC has become a multi-disciplinary organization expending into sectors such as engineering and manufacturing, with its own range of products and services. Amongst these services, one of the most notable service that should be highlighted is the water quality testing services provided by MWSC laboratory.

With MWSCs ISO 17025:2005 certified laboratory, MWSC provides water quality testing services with state of the art technology and equipment. This service is provided by field experts who are 100% Maldivian. In addition to this, MWSC give prospective clients the ability to create tailor-made testing packages based on their requirements.

To further enhance this service, Male’ Water and Sewerage Company has launched lab equipment calibration services, which has been done internally thus far. Laboratory equipment Calibration is testing and adjusting the precision and accuracy of laboratory instruments. Calibration requirements vary by type of equipment, application and usage, among other factors. Lab equipment calibration is very important to reduce bias instrument’s readings, maintain data integrity & for maintenance of the instruments.

MWSC is the first to provide lab equipment calibration services in Maldives with customized calibration packages based on the requirement of the customer. You can choose the equipment(s) and parameter(s) you want to include in this package. MWSC also provides both Onsite and Offsite calibration services. You can bring your equipment to MWSC or you can request MWSC staff to visit your site. The prices varies from onsite calibration services and Offsite calibration services.

Equipment’s calibrated under MWSC Lab Calibration Services

Calibrated Equipment

Parameter tested  for calibration

pH Meter


Conductivity meter


Turbidity meter










Digital/Electronic balance



With over 27 years of experience in the field, MWSC provide this service with the help of well-trained and experienced staff working at MWSC.  MWSC has been a groundbreaker in the group of Maldivian utility services, and has been doing so year after year. With this new commercial venture, MWSC continues to strive not only to improve, but also help clients and partner entities grow and develop together with them.  If you’re interested in obtaining this service, you can visit MWSC showroom or contact MWSC Showroom hotline 7960022 or send your inquiry to [email protected]