Advertorial: Why Male’ City Needs a Mayor like Azima Shukoor

Azima Shakoor. (Sun Photo)

We are not just focusing on the obvious here—Azima stands out as one of the few candidates, and even politicians, who haven't dipped their hands into public funds or engaged in corruption.

As Male' City thrives as the hub for most of the Maldives' population, the city needs a fair, honest, and trustworthy leader who can bring about positive changes.

Uza. Aishath Azima Shakoor's eligibility for the role of Male’ City Mayor is unquestionable; you might however wonder how she is any better than the other candidates. Azima's impactful contributions to Male’ City and the nation are compelling reasons to why she is the better choice for Male’ City Mayor:

Azima played a crucial role in reclaiming the National Airport and continues to fight for the reclamation of Maldivian Fishing Waters, safeguarding these critical assets for the nation's benefit.

She prevented the sale of Dhiraagu majority shares up until the new government took charge, demonstrating foresight for the benefit of the country.

As the first female Attorney General of the Maldives, holding the position for three consecutive terms, Azima shattered glass ceilings, paving the way for gender inclusivity in leadership roles.

Her tenure in the cabinets of three governments underscores her experience and expertise in governance, offering a seasoned perspective on effective administration.

Azima's dedication to advocating for the rights of the Maldivian people, including the Parents of Arabiyya School and Niqabi women in employment, showcases her commitment to equality and justice.

During challenging times, Azima steadfastly supported the government and the nation, providing stability and leadership in moments of crisis such as the ‘Eheetheriyaa to the Head of the Mafannu Avashu Ward’ during post-2004 Tsunami recovery efforts.

Her instrumental role in reforming the prison system, implementing parole rules, and developing the country's criminal justice framework highlights her commitment to a fair and efficient legal system.

As Gender Minister, her daily visits to the "Kudakudhinge Hiyaa" children's home demonstrate a hands-on, compassionate approach to addressing societal needs.

All in all, Azima shows up when the nation needs her, and her integrity stands tall. In a landscape where her competitors are accused of being corrupt, unethical & unjust, she’s stayed clean. Choosing Azima means choosing experience, dedication, and someone who is honest—a crucial choice for Male’ City’s future. Male’ deserves a mayor who honors its people’s rights and safeguards government funds, not someone who tramples on both.

Your decision today shapes the tomorrow of Male’, the capital city of our nation. Choose wisely.