STO to open an outlet in Hulhumale’ Phase II for Ramadan

Rendering of the new shop outlet of STO under development at Hulhumale' Phase II. The new outlet will open for Ramadan. (Photo/STO)

State Trading Organization (STO) has revealed that they are working on opening a shopping outlet in Hulhumale’ Phase II for this Ramadan.

The outlet will be located at the ground floor of Vinares flats.

The establishment of the shopping outlet at Hulhumale’ Phase II, as per STO, is for the purpose of providing the company’s products at reasonable rates for the public and to ease public fear of the prices of staple foods hiking during Ramadan.

Additionally, STO reported having received complaints from the public over the absence of a company’s shopping outlet in Hulhumale’ for basic necessities as the existing outlet has been temporary closed for renovations.

“Have also received complaints that the absence of an STO outlet in a populous location such as Hulhumale’ may possibly hike in prices of goods,” they added.

STO forecasts the new outlet can be inaugurated during March. All general products imported by the company will be available for retail and wholesale from the outlet.

Apart from this, onions, potatoes and eggs, imported especially for Ramadan, will also be available at the outlet.

STO states they are fully prepared to cater goods for the public without exhausting their stock in order to maintain market prices.