Resolution submitted calling to change policies on rehabilitating drug addicts

Used drugs discarded in Hulhumale' Phase II. (Sun Photo)

A resolution has been submitted to the Parliament calling to change the present policies of the government on rehabilitating drug addicts.

The resolution was submitted by West Henveiru MP Hassan Latheef.

The resolution by MP Latheef, underscoring MDP’s 2018’s manifesto’s pledges regarding the rehabilitation of drug addicts and their reintegration to society, said that the policies, system, and structure deployed by the government for the purpose do not allow the goal of the manifesto to be achieved.

“Have taken note that not even 50 percent of capacity available at the two centers presently in the Maldives for long-term treatment were used last year,” the resolution read.

Additionally, the resolution states that the government, without further delay, must facilitate opportunities for private and especially foreign expert parties in order to establish a reliable treatment system at the earliest. It also stressed that drug addicts can only be rehabilitated through decentralized treatment opportunities in addition to the successful implementation of community reintegration programs.


The resolution also emphasized the importance of formulating a national policy on establishing quality counseling services for addicts – which should be accessible from anywhere in the country.