Judge Hassan Saeed suspended with pay

Criminal Court judge Hassan Saeed. (File Photo/Sun/Muaviyath Anwar)

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has placed Criminal Court’s judge Hassan Saeed under 14-day suspension.

JSC made the decision following an investigation into an allegation of misconduct against the judge.

The allegation stems from an incident during his time as Family Court’s chief judge.

JSC said that though Judge Hassan Saeed had provided instructions to the court’s marriage registrar regarding making arrangements for an out-of-court marriage, the legal authority to make decisions regarding marriage petitions falls under the purview of the court’s marriage registrar.

JSC said it found Judge Hassan Saeed’s actions had facilitated a marriage that violated the laws and regulations of Maldives and the court’s policies.

He was therefore found in violation of the Judges Act, Judicial Service Commission Act, and the code of conduct for judges.

He was placed under paid suspension for 14 days starting Thursday.