Supreme Court dismisses constitutional case lodged in 2013

Imad Solih attends the Supreme Court hearing on February 15, 2023.

Supreme Court dismissed a constitutional case registered with the court 10 years back Wednesday, citing lack of jurisdiction.

The case, seeking to establish eight articles of the Political Parties Act as unconstitutional, was lodged by Imad Solih on behalf of then-National Party back in 2013.

The case was lodged seeking an end to dissolution of political parties that fail to meet 10,000-membership mark.

A five-justice bench of the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the court did not have jurisdiction to hear the case.

The bench was headed by Chief Justice Muthasim Adnan, and included Justice Dr. Azmiralda Zahir, Justice Aisha Shujoon Zahir, Justice Mahaz Ali Zahir, and Justice Ali Rasheed Hussain.

“Following review of the motions submitted on behalf of Imad Solih and the legal remedies sought, I do not find Imad Solih presented enough justification why the Supreme Court should hear the case as a case under the Supreme Court’s purview under Article 11 of Judicature Act,” said Muthasim.

The rest of the bench concurred with his judgement.

Muthasim added it wasn’t clear under which provision of the court’s regulations the case was registered in the first case.