Opposition calls on Indian government to release Samad

Progressive Party of Maldives’ (PPM) Hulhumale’ constituency president and senate member Abdul Samad (Samadhube) captured during an interview to Channel 13.

Opposition PPM-PNC coalition, on Sunday, called on the Indian government to release PPM’s Hulhumale’ constituency president and senate member Abdul Samad (Samadhube) detained by Indian Immigration while he was visiting the country for medical purposes.

A family member of Samad told Sun that he was taken under Immigration custody on Saturday afternoon, citing an issue with his passport, while at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore. 

Foreign Ministry, on Sunday, said that they were inquiring the reason behind Samad’s detention from Indian authorities.

In a statement on Sunday night, the opposition coalition said no one, including his family, has heard from Samad after he was taken into custody by Indian Immigration.

Although close friends of Samad reported he will be sent back to Maldives on a flight this afternoon – the opposition coalition stressed he had not arrived in the Maldives on any flight throughout Sunday.

“Calling on the Maldivian government to locate Abdul Samad, guarantee his safety, disclose information regarding him to his family, and provide assistance to his family presently stranded on the roads of India,” the statement also read.

Additionally, the coalition noted having sent letters to the Foreign Ministry, Gender Ministry, and the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives over the “disappearance” of Samad.