China Southern Airlines to recommence direct flights to Maldives

An aircraft from China Southern Airlines. (Photo/China Southern Airlines)

Southern Airlines from China have announced they will begin operations to the Maldives this February.

The first flight from the airline is scheduled to touch down in Maldives on February 20, with over 280 passengers. Southern Airlines flights are scheduled to be held every Monday and Wednesday.

After halting for about three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, direct flights between China and Maldives began in January with Beijing Airlines recommencing operations first.

Beijing Airlines has scheduled four flights every week to the Maldives till February 22.

China Eastern Airlines and Hong Kong Airlines, are both to commence operations this month behind Southern Airlines.

With the recommencement of these flights, there is a very high chance of China becoming the Maldives’ top tourism market. While more than 5300 tourists have arrived so far this year, China is already one of the Maldives’ top ten tourism markets.

Before the global pandemic, China was the top tourism market for Maldives, with over 280,000 tourists visiting in 2019 alone.