Event held to commemorate 50 years of ties between China-Maldives

Event held to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic ties between China-Maldives. (Sun photo/Mohamed Shaathiu Abdulla)

A special run has been organized and held by the Chinese Embassy to commemorate the 50 years of Maldives-China relations. The run was held at Sinamale’ Bridge.

The ambassador from China to Maldives, Wang Lixin, participated in the run held Saturday morning, along with Youth Minister Ahmed Mahuloof, Members of Parliament, and Deputy Mayor of Male’ City, Ahmed Nareesh.

A total of three organisations participated in this event. This includes the Bicycle Association of Maldives, the Maldives Association of Persons with Disabilities, and the Skateboarding Association of Maldives. All participants of this event went from Usfasgandu to the traffic light at the airport side of Sinamale’ bridge.

Mahuloof was among the participants on bicycles, who were at the forefront of the event. Among the runners, who were second in line, the Chinese Ambassador, Wang Lixin, members of Parliament, and the Deputy Mayor of Male’ city were present.

While the people with disabilities flanked them, people on rollerskates were at the very rear of the procession.

Wang Lixin said that this run was held as the end of multiple events held throughout the year to celebrate 50 years of the political relationship between Maldives and China.

“This year marks the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Maldives and to celebrate this 50th anniversary we held a series of activities and this Saturday’s program is we call it friendship run on Sinamale’ bridge and people from the two countries will run on the bridge and to just enjoy the fun and this is the last program to celebrate the 50th anniversary and the most colorful one since people from all walks of life joined us in this program this also showed their strong support to china Maldives friendship I’m really touched by that,” Lixin said.

She further said that the event was made even more special as it was held on the Sinamale’ bridge. She said that the bridge is a symbol of the friendship between not just the governments but the people of China and Maldives.

“I think the people from both countries running on the bridge will enhance our deep friendship between the two peoples and I hope it will turn the bridge into a link to connect the hearts of the two peoples,” she said. “Looking ahead with the strong support of the people of the two countries I believe that bilateral relations will have an even brighter future and I’m looking forward to have more people to people exchanges and practical cooperation between us.”

The Youth Minister Mahuloof said regarding the event that China and Maldives have a very long-standing understanding and relationship and that an event that promotes health and well-being was held to celebrate 50 years of working together is something that brings him happy thoughts and feelings.

“This event is very successful. At a time like this, to get a chance to ride bicycles with all these people and with kids skating alongside us. Others are running. All of these are ongoing. Especially as the event was held on a bridge that symbolizes the friendship between both countries shows how close the friendship between the two countries is.”

He further said that events that promote healthy living are very much supported by the government. And that the establishment of sports supervisors on islands was done as a part of this.

The diplomatic ties between China and Maldives were formed in 1972. While this year marks 50 years, China is an important supporter of Maldives’ economy. China was one of Maldives’ best tourism markets before COVID.