Grow with Ooredoo: Ooredoo launches ‘green’ 2023 calendar with immersive AR experience

Grow with Ooredoo Calendar 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu)

Ooredoo Maldives has launched its desk calendar 2023 themed ‘Grow with Ooredoo’ – a unique calendar that brings the beautiful flora of the Maldives to life through an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience.

The calendar was launched by Ooredoo Maldives’ Chief Commercial Officer Ibrahim Niyaz in function at Hotel Jen on Wednesday evening, during which visitors opened the calendar box and were greeted with a flying butterfly.

According to Ooredoo, the ‘Grow with Ooredoo’ theme celebrates the company’s 18-year journey in the Maldives - highlighting it’s achievements and the growth for the company and people in the coming years.

Grow with Ooredoo Calendar 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu)

In addition to the AR component, the calendar also features 12 seed infused paper and pots that users can use to grow their own garden all throughout the year.

Each month of the calendar features a different flower commonly found in the Maldives, along with a short introduction.

Users can scan the Snapchat code on the page to enjoy an AR experience that brings the featured flower of the month to life.

A Grow Guide for each of the 12 plants featured in the calendar is also available on Ooredoo Maldives website. Users can scan the QR code on the calendar page to be directed to the Grow Guide.

At Wednesday’s function, Ooredoo Maldives announced Ramzee Hussain, better known as Zuvaan Dhanduveriya, as its official ‘Grow with Ooredoo’ campaign ambassador.

Zuvaan Dhanduveriya will be collaborating with Ooredoo Maldives throughout the year on various activities under ‘Grow with Ooredoo’ campaign.

Ramzee Hussain AKA Zuvaan Dhanduveriya (R) is the official ‘Grow with Ooredoo’ campaign ambassador.

"We are excited to bring the beauty of the Maldives' flora to our customers through this unique calendar experience. The calendar users will be able to enjoy an AR experience as well as to grow their own garden all throughout the year. We believe that this interactive calendar will inspire the calendar users to grow their own plants and appreciate the nature more. Under our theme for this years’ calendar Grow with Ooredoo – we are also delighted to partner with Zuvaan Dhanduveriya as our Campaign Ambassador to further drive our message to instill love for nature,” said Ooredoo Maldives’ CCO Niyaz.

Additional information regarding the ‘Grow with Ooredoo’ calendar is available on Ooredoo’s website.