Numerous high achievers in 2022 A’levels

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih presenting a top achiever with an award. (Photo / President's Office)

Schools in Maldives have noted that compared to the past years, the  results of Edexcel A’Level examinations, IALS and HSC examination s held in 2022 were much more satisfactory.

The most recent higher secondary examinations were held in October 2022, and exams were held in 40 centers across the country. A total of 2,849 students took part in the Edexcel examinations and 1,299 students in the HSC examinations. 

The results of these were released on January 12.

Based on the confirmed results so far, schools have indicated that it was a significantly good. 

Speaking with Sun, the principal of Ahmadhiyyaa International High School Mohamed Rasheed said on Wednesday that while a total of 206 students from the school sat for the examinations, 87 of them were among those who the top ten rankings. He also added that this includes three students in the first place with A* results from five subjects. 

“This years results are very good. Very satisfied. A much more satisfactory results compared to the past years.”

Looking at the 2021 results, with 230 students taking part, 52 of them scored spots on the top ten ranking.

The principal of Center for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) Aishath Sofoora also spoke with Sun about the schools results. 

CHSC had 418 students sitting for the exams, out of which 160 are in top ten. This is a total of 40 percentage of students. 

Principal Sofoora said said that the school achiveved a wonderful result. She added that CHSC maintained the total pass percentage at 90, just as in 2021. 

“Very happy that we were able to maintain the pass percentage at the same level.”

She went on to note that some studetns have placed submissions to recheck their results, and expressed hope that once the final results come, even more from CHSC will land on the top achiever rankings. 

Ahmed Saeed, the principal of Villa International High School said while speaking with Sun that 200 students sat for the examinations, and 45 were in the top ten. 

He noted that this was a better results in comparision to the past years. 

Additionally, the principal of Sh.Milandhoo Ibrahim Aadil said that this year the with 10 students taking part, they were able to achieve a 100 percent pass percentage. 

The deadline to submit for recheking of these results expire by Thursday, January 26. Numerous submissions have already been made, and both schools and students eagerly await with the hope that this would lead to attaining even better results than now.