68% of examinees pass Maldives’ inaugural Bar Exam

Lawyers take their oath on January 31, 2019. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Bar Council of Maldives has begun issuing results of the Bar Exam 2022 - the first Bar licensing exam to be administered in the history of the Maldivian legal profession.

According to the Bar Council, 68 percent of the examinees who sat the inaugural Bar Exam, and were all first-time test takers, passed the exam.

The average mark attained by examinees was 66 percent.

18 examinees made it to the Top Achievers List. There was a three-way tie for the first place the BE2022 between Mohamed Arzan Asif, Hussain Zameel, and Ishag Hussain.

The highest performing cohort of the examinees represent a significant percentage of graduates from the Maldives National University with seven, followed by University of London with six, and Villa College with four.

The Top Achievers will be honored by the Bar Council at the Bar Admissions Ceremony which will follow the first licensing exam scheduled to be held on February 20.

The Bar Council thanked the USAID, ABAROLI, NCBE, Kaplan, who the institute said were integral to ensuring that the exam met international testing and quality standards.

The Bar Council also thanked members of the Maldivian legal profession and the judiciary, who contributed to the exam development process through providing their expertise as practicing lawyers, judges, and legal academics.