HDC opens bidding for heavy vehicle parking in Hulhumale’

Hulhumale’. (Photo / HDC)

Hulhumale’ Development Corporation (HDC) announced the decision to allocate parking for heavy vehicles in Hulhumale’ under paid parking basis. 

HDC’s decision is aimed to resolve the parking issues faced in Male’ City. 

The corporation on Wednesday opened applications to bid for 19 slots for heavy vehicles. 

According to the announcement made by HDC, the parking spaces will be near MPL area in Hulhumale’.

The 19 slots include; 

  • 2 slots for 20ft trailer vehicles 
  • 3 slots for 40ft trailer vehicles 
  • 10 slots for dump truck or big lorries 
  • 4 slots for cranes 

The slots will be awarded the highest bidder, for a period of two years. HDC said that bidding starts at a monthly MVR 12.01 per square foot.

The highest bidders will also be given the opportunity to chose the slots first.  

Moreover, HDC noted that those submitting applications must fulfill two requirements. Those are being a fully 100 Maldivian owned business registered at the Economic Ministry and having worked in the Hulhumale’ industrial zone in the past three years. 

Prior to this HDC had also issued over 70 slots for parking cars on paid parking basis to aid in resolve parking issues. 

The corporation has also handed over a project to build a parking building to Damas towards the end of 2022.