Auction store reopens despite forced closure by city council

Auction shop in Male' City. (Sun file photo)


The auction shop run in southern Male’ has resumed operations, despite the City Council halting operations previously.

Male’ City council has asked numerous times to vacate the area behind Imaadhudheen School, where a range of goods is auctioned off.

This was due to receiving many complaints from the public that raise concerns over the number of trash piled there.

The last time the auction shop was vacated was in September.

However, the business has resumed yet again without seeking permission. Many collect items that are disposed of as waste that can be reused and sold there.

When questioned by Sun about this to the City Council, member Adam Rameez said that goods were being sold there without the council’s permission.,

Moreover, Rameez alleged that the items sold there were stolen goods. He said that the people there have been sent away multiple times, but they keep returning, hence the business has not been stopped.

He also noted that due to the complaints from the public, the matter has now been reported to Maldives Police Services.

In addition to this, Rameez said that this issue would not be solved without closing off the area and that it would be done as soon as the permit is given for it by the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.