Corrections refute rumors of halt in staff insurance coverage

Maldives Correctional Service's staff pictured during a training program. (Photo/Maldives Correctional Service)

Maldives Correctional Service on Saturday denied rumors it has ceased providing insurance coverage to its staff.

Several media outlets carried reports on Friday that MCS has halted providing insurance coverage to prison officers and staff involved in providing rehab.

MCS’ spokesperson Aminath Yusreen Ahmed told Sun on Saturday morning that all MCS staff are provided insurance coverage.

Yusreen said MCS signed a one-year contact with an insurance service provider last year.

“Now, the contract would have expired with the end of the year, right? We are communicating with another insurance provider to re-start insurance coverage. This hasn’t been finalized yet,” she said.

Yusreen said MCS was facing delays in renewing insurance coverage.

She added that the service does not discriminate between the different departments in providing insurance coverage.

Rumors of a halt in insurance coverage lack any merit, she said.