SSNET launches customer service number 1633

SSNET, which is prepping to provide nationwide cable TV service in Maldives, has launched its customer service number – 1633.

Mohamed Asif (Mondhu), the COO of Sun Siyam Media – which manages SSNET – said potential customers can clarify all basis information regarding SSNET’s service by calling 1633 starting Sunday.

Mondhu said that SSNET is making the latest preparations to provide all services provided by DhiraaguTV. SSNET’s service will be available from the date DhiraaguTV ceases operations.

“DhiraaguTV’s customers will have the opportunity to switch to SSNET starting January 15. Making the switch will be easy,” he said.

SSNET’s service will be available to all island that DhiraaguTV provides coverage to. According to Mondhu, DhiraaguTV customers who choose to switch to SSNET instead of other cable TV service providers will enjoy numerous benefits.

Switching to SSNET and making new subscriptions to SSNET are both easy, he said.

DhiraaguTV customers do not need to pay an additional fee for make the switch, and can continue to use their set-top box.

SSNET’s customer service call center will be open from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm, except for Fridays. Additional information is available on SSNET’s website.

SSNET officially launches on February 1.