SSNET offers free connection in special promo

SSNET, which began providing cable TV services earlier this year, is offering free connections in a special promotion.

The promo allows new customers to save MVR 1,000.

New customers who do not have a decoder can purchase one under a convenient installment plan.

SSNET provides its services with high quality audio and video. The service also offers customers who subscribe to the service will also have access to its video on demand platform, Sun Sinama; a collection of local movies, series, shows, and other creative content.

The cable service has Dhivehi, Hindi, and English channels, as well as sports channels, children’s channels, and multiple news and current affairs and entertainment channels.

SSNET’s packages:

  • Luivi Package: 39 channels
  • Nalavi Package: 108 channels
  • Ekuvi Package: 120 channels

SSNET can be contacted at 1633.