MIFCO launches new app, new flavors of canned tuna

MIFCO's CEO Ismail Fauzee (L) and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) launch two new flavors of canned tuna on December 11, 2022. (Photo/President's Office)

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) has launched a new mobile app for fishermen and seafarers, and two new flavors of canned tuna.

The app, along with the two new flavors of canned tuna, were launched during Fishermen’s Day celebrations in GDh. Faresmaathodaa.

The two new flavors; are tuna chunks in oil with garlic and smoked tuna in olive oil.

MIFCO’s CEO Ismail Fauzee told Sun the company expects both flavors will be popular among consumers.

Meanwhile, the Hosa app has been described by MIFCO as the greatest innovation and convenience the company has introduced since its establishment in 1993.

The app will bring an end to the tiresome practice of manually writing down and using bills.

MIFCO began working on the app in 2020.

With the app, fishermen will be able to book tokens to sell their fish without needing to physically go to fish factories, and check the history of the amounts due for the fish they sell.

MIFCO's CEO Ismail Fauzee. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Naail Hussain)

Key features:

  • Book tokens for sale of fish
  • Submit applications for registration, license and other important certification

Fishermen and seafarers can create separate log ins with the app. Once they log in, they will see a wallet for their vessel, which will show details of bills, both paid and outstanding.

The app will also show details of purchases of ice and fuel.

Felivaru fish cannery. (Sun Photo/Najah Masood)

They have the function of creating and adding to a list of crew members.

The app will track the location of vessels in real time. And the location where vessels stop to fish will be generated as a heat map, which will allow other vessels to identify good fishing spots.

The app will also show overview statistics of the vessels, which will allow vessels to track the quantity of fish caught, the quantity of fish sold, and the sizes of fish, monthly.

MIFCO said the app will also show important messages the company needs to communicate to fishermen.

Felivaru fish cannery. (Sun Photo/Najah Masood)

MIFCO said the app will make it easier for the government to introduce additional incentives and insurances for fishermen.

Fauzee said that MIFCO is working to increase the ice storage capacity at Kooddoo – located in the south, the best region for fishing in Maldives. The company is working on bringing in vessels with larger capacities in order to speed up mobile fish purchases.

MIFCO is also working on establishing ice storage facilities in northern Maldives.

Fauzee said that more companies need to get involved in the fisheries sector in order to ensure fishermen are paid a good price for their catch.