Milandhoo harbor to be expanded by twice the size, residents overjoyed

Planning Ministry contracts MTCC to upgrade Sh. Milandhoo harbor on December 8, 2022. (Photo/Planning Ministry)

Planning Ministry, on Thursday, contracted Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) to upgrade the existing harbor of Sh. Milandhoo by twice the size – a news as per Milandhoo Council has brought much happiness to its residents.

The agreement pertaining to the MVR 79.94 million project was signed during a special ceremony held at Planning Ministry on Thursday. Director General Shana Farooq represented the Ministry in the signing, while MTCC’s CEO, MD Adam Azim represented the company.

As per the agreement, MTCC needs to complete the project within 600 days. Scope of work under the project includes;

  • Dredging of 17,900 cubic meters, the existing harbor
  • New harbor basin dredging operations of 70,400 cubic meters
  • Channel dredging operations of 8,400 cubic meters
  • Construction of a 583-meter breakwater
  • Construction of a 93-meter revetment
  • Construction of 15-meter groyne
  • Construction of a 311-meter quay wall
  • Installation of harbor pavement in a 3,978 square meter area
  • Installation of street lights and navigational lights
  • Construction of a ramp
  • Construction of two concrete bridges
Sh. Milandhoo harbor at present. (Photo/Milandhoo Council)

Commenting the agreement signed today, Milandhoo Council President Abdulla Athif told Sun that residents of the island have been waiting for a larger harbor than the existing one for a long time.

He added that the agreement brings the wait to an end, instilling hope among residents.

“Difficulties arising due to existing harbor have become pertinent now. That is why we requested on behalf of the residents to expand the harbor. We have been requesting since last year,” he had said.

Athif detailed that many residents of neighboring islands travel to Milandhoo to purchase construction resources that are widely available on the island.

“When so many vessels arrive, there are space constraints at the harbor,” he added.

Athif reported that a t-jetty will be developed on the island under the project. He said the design of the upgraded harbor had been set down by the council under its land use plan.

In this regard, he detailed that the council plans to place cranes for unloading goods at the harbor and also make arrangements for petrol and diesel for vessels.

“Our biggest hope is for the project to proceed at a fast pace, and reach completed,” he emphasized.