Sun World Cup Foari: Draws held among score guessers of 20 matches

Screengrab from the live held to take the lucky of Sun World Cup Foari for the first 20 matches of the World Cup.

The lucky draw of ‘Sun World Cup Foari’ has been taken until the 20th match of the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2023, among those who correctly predicted the final scores.

Winners were chosen during a Facebook live held on the official page of Sun. 

Lucky Draw winners of the 'Sun World Cup Foari' until the 20th match:

1. Qatar vs Ecuador: no correct guesses

2. England vs Iran: no correct guesses

3. Senegal vs Netherlands: no correct guesses

4. USA vs Wales: no correct guesses

5. Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: no correct guesses

6. Denmark vs Tunisia: 9597171

7. Mexico vs Poland: 9101109

8. France vs Australia: 9840105

9. Morocco vs Croatia: 7647571

10. Germany vs Japan: 9692002

11. Spain vs Costa Rica: 9692002

12. Belgium vs Canada: 7643704

13. Switzerland vs Cameroon: 7767372

14. Uruguay vs South Korea: 7998058

15. Portugal vs Ghana: no correct guesses

16. Brazil vs Serbia: 7998058

17. Wales vs Iran: no correct guesses

18. Qatar vs Senegal: 9597171

19. Netherlands vs Ecuador: no correct guesses

20. England vs USA: no correct guesses

The winners will be receiving a free pizza of choice from "La Vera Pizza" in Male' City. 

Those who want to guess the score and win a pizza, SMS the score as below to 2747. 


Additionally, those working to guess the scores also have an opportunity to win a bedroom set, sponsored by Damas. This lucky draw will be taken amongst all those who send SMS to guess the score, at the end of the World Cup. 

For those who want to win the bedroom set, SMS SUN(SPACE)BEDROOMSET to 2747. 

The title sponsor of Sun World Cup Foari is Redstar.