Maldives backs Saudi Arabia's bid to host 2034 World Cup

Bassam speaks at a press conference after FAM congress (Sun Photo/ Mohamed Hayyan)

Maldives has backed Saudi Arabia's bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup.

It was decided at the FIFA council meeting yesterday to host the 2030 World Cup in Morocco, Portugal and Spain.

Although Morocco, Portugal and Spain will host the 2030 World Cup, South America's Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay will host the first three matches to mark the centenary of the tournament. The centenary celebrations will be held in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, where the first World Cup was held.

While the hosts for the 2030 World Cup were decided, bidding to host the 2034 World Cup was also opened during the meeting. With the 2030 World Cup being played in Europe, Africa and South America, Asia and Oceania countries will have the opportunity to bid for the 2034 World Cup. Saudi Arabia has now expressed interest in hosting the 2034 World Cup and submitted a bid.

The Football Association of Maldives (FAM) said in a statement today that it fully supports Saudi Arabia's bid to host the 2034 World Cup, and that it is a chance they deserve.

FAM said in their statement that Saudi football has made many changes and expanded football infrastructures, which is having a positive impact on regional football, and that Saudi Arabia's bid is one that any country with a love for football will support.

The decision about which country will host the 2034 World Cup will be made at FIFA’s congress which will be held next year.