Fisheries Ministry to aid with installing vessel solar, refrigeration system

Local fishermen fish on a fishing vessel.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture opened applications to assist in establishing Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) and solar power systems.

The ministry revealed that an agreement has been signed between the government and Islamic Development Bank (ISDB) to ensure fishermen’s catch remains fresh for as long as possible and to solve the issue of ice availability during greater abundance.

Under this agreement, the programme will be conducted in two phases, and the ministry intends to aid 200 fishing vessels to establish the systems.

Vessels need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for it:

-  Registered vessel with a legitimate license issued by the ministry for fishing

- Vessel need to be currently in use for fishing

- At least 50 feet in length, with minimum storage capacity of 15 tonne

- Enough space on vessel to install RSW system

In phase one of the programme, using information in the application and records with the ministry, RSW and solar power needed for the vessel will be identified.

Opportunity to take part in the second phase will be offered based on the technical specifications of those who expressed interest.

During the second phase, the applicant will be given a chance to choose a supplier from a list given by SME Development Finance Corporation (SDFC).

Following this, based on the chosen supplier, the pricing will be decided for the systems, and finally it will be installed.

Furthermore, training on operating these systems will be provided as well.

Fishermen can apply via SDFC’s website till December 31.