HDC: Male’ no longer has any chemical warehouses

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visits a warehouse area developed in K. Thilafushi to store chemical products on November 18, 2019. (Photo/President's office)

Housing Development Corporation (HDC), on Thursday, has stated that there are no chemical warehouses in Male’ City at present.

In a statement released to clarify reports by media outlets following the fire at a garage in Male’ City on early Thursday morning – HDC denied reports claiming the existence of 18 chemical warehouses in Male’ City, describing the information as false.

Noting that 34 chemical warehouses have been established at Thilafushi at present – HDC said that the correction information was that efforts were underway to establish 18 additional warehouses.

They emphasized that the warehouses under development at present, are in no way correlated to the relocation of warehouses based in Male’ City.

In their statement, HDC also urged media outlets to refrain from reporting in a manner that creates fear amongst the public during such a state of time.

The President’s Office also assured that there are no chemical warehouses in Male’ City at present.

The government has begun discussions regarding the taking necessary action regarding the fire which saw the death of 10 people