Reeko Moosa: MDP behind Maldives’ development, won't let party break

Reeko Moosa beside current Defence Minister Mariya.

Former Chairperson and Parliamentarian Reeko Moosa Manik who recently rejoined Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) stated that the party’s hard work was behind the development attained by Maldives so far.

Speaking during a program aired on local channel RaajjeTV, Moosa assured that he would not let MDP break and that his decision to rejoin the party was to unite the party.

“I joined with MDP for this. In my opinion, MDP is a big asset to Maldivian people. Which why I am saying that the work we did was behind the development we see in the country, the people, the awareness among people, increase of state earnings…”

He further said that no matter what anyone or any political party says, MDP is behind it all.

“I believe that talks need to be held on how to maintain unity with members of MDP.”

Moosa was kicked out from MDP in 2014 after he violated the party’s whip line in voting for the removal of two Supreme Court justices at that time. MDP’s disciplinary committee acted against Moosa, and announced that should he wish to rejoin, he must issue a public apology, as well as provide signatures of 50 more MPs.

However, Moosa maintains that he was expelled due to differences between the party leader and the current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

During his interview, Moosa said that Nasheed’s personal opinions or the “dreams” of those close to him should not lead to internal divisions.

“I’ve been watching from afar and realized that nothing much could be done while speaking from outside. Our party will progress as a political party only when it’s taken forward in unity.”

Having been the ninth person to put down his signature during the formation of MDP, Moosa is said to have felt like he was closely involved in the creation of the party.

“When Evan Naseem was murdered, we were forced to speak out. At the time about 100 men and women were leading and working.”

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's (R) first photo since undergoing thyroid surgery. (Photo/Reeko Moosa Manik)

Speaking further in this regard, he said that many of those leading the movement were forced to flee abroad and so there were only a few left to carry on.

When ultimately former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom announced that there were no obstacles to free speech, MDP’s work officially began, he explained.

“From what I recall, it was in June of 2003 or 2004 we all decided on hosting an independent debate. But we did need to seek permission.”

After getting the permits, the debate was hosted in a room in the Social Center in Male’ City. Moosa described this day to be the real inauguration of MDP’s work.

He also described MDP’s coming into existence as the most notable part of Maldives’ democratic journey.

Moosa’s rejoining MDP was warmly welcomed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and those who stand with him.

The President even attended the ceremony where Moosa handed over his membership form to MDP Chairman and Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail.

Following his expulsion from MDP, Moosa joined the opposition Progressive Party of Malidves. He was heavily involved in former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s presidential campaign. He ultimately left PPM.

With President Solih’s election, Moosa vocalized his support and has been a strong critic of Nasheed.