Specialist consultations for 192 inmates in first week of Corrections’ Heyhan Op

Maldives Correctional Services' staff escort inmates for consultations with specialist doctors as part of 'Heyhan Operation'. (Photo/Corrections)

Consultations with specialist doctors have been facilitated for 192 inmates in the first week of Maldives Correctional Services’ ‘Heyhan Operation’.

As per information released by Corrections, 102 inmates were seen by ophthalmologists – whilst 10 were seen by cardiologists.

Apart from this, specialist doctors also saw inmates regarding health issues pertaining to lungs, renal system, and orthopedics.

Heyhan Operation launched on October 29 is set to proceed for three weeks.

Over 700 Corrections staff will be participating in this operation, whilst the authority’s resources will aid in the implementation of the operation.

Corrections have negotiated with hospitals for easy arrangements regarding doctor consultations for inmates.

Lack of proper healthcare for inmates has always been a common concern of their families. Apart from this, the deteriorating conditions of prisons as a result of which inmates face severe difficulties remains a pertinent issue.