18 years in juvie for minor convicted in murder of Maamendhoo teen

Ahmed Udhayyu.

Juvenile Court has sentenced the minor found guilty in a fatal gang fight in GA. Maamendhoo in February last year to 18 years in a juvenile detention facility.

Ahmed Udhayyu, 17, was stabbed to death in a gang fight in Maamendhoo on February 8, 2021.

The Juvenile Court sentenced the minor found guilty of his murder to 18 years and nine months in a juvenile detention facility on Monday.

The court also ordered him to pay MVR 1,000,000 within one year to Udhayyu’s heirs and fast for two consecutive months.

He was also sentenced to six years and eight months in a juvenile detention facility for stabbing another person during the gang fight.

The death penalty had previously been applicable to both adults and minors convicted of murder with intent. Death penalty for minors was abolished under the Juvenile Justice Act.

Three adults have been charged as accessories to Udhayyu’s murder. They are:

  • Ahmed Shameem, Rihifarudhaage, GA. Maamendhoo
  • Sharaf Rasheed, Bilaihmaage, GA. Maamendhoo
  • Mohamed Mazin, Gulfaamge, GA. Maamendhoo

Their trials remain in progress.