HPA warns against use of Allersine eye drops

Allersine eye drops.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has warned against the use of Allersine eye drops.

In a statement Sunday, HPA said the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency has informed HPA of defects in some of the batches of the Allersine eye drops manufactured by Duopharma.

According to HPA, the defects are in batches; 200608L, 193033L, 200827L, 200230L, 200607L, and 200825L.

HPA said that Allersine eye drops of two of the defective batches were found to have been imported and distributed in Maldives.

HPA said that they were contacting registered sellers of the product and recalling the medicine from the market.

The agency advised people using the medicine to check the batch numbers.