35,861 applications submitted for housing opportunities for Male’ residents

An aerial shot of Hulhumale'. (Photo/Xinhua)

A total of 35,861 applications were submitted for land plots and flats under the ‘Binveriyaa’ and ‘Gedhoruveriyaa’ schemes, opened for Male’ residents in June.

The government had introduced the ‘Gedhoruverin’ portal, to facilitate easy submission of forms. The deadline to submit applications expired at 23:59pm on Saturday night. Housing Ministry had extended the deadline to submit applications through ‘Gedhoruverin’ portal on two occasions.

This is with respect to 3,000 land plots and 4.000 flats. Out of this, 4,000 flats and 1,000 land plots will be issued from Hulhumale’. The remaining 2,000 land plots will be issued from Gulhifalhu.

Total applications submitted include 15,164 applications for land plots and 20,697 applications for flats. Out of the 20,697 applications for flats; 14,489 applications were for two-room flats and 6.208 applications were for three-room flats.

The smallest land plots issued – that is for individual applicants – will measure in 1,250 sqft. The size can be increased based on the number of joint applicants, with 400 sqft being added to each joint applicant. For applications with seven or more participants, the land plot can be increased up to 4,000 sqft.

The government’s decision to issue land plots for Male’ residents for free has been the subject of criticism by many, citing preferential treatment for the natives of a certain island as unjust.