Gender Ministry: 100 cases of violence against children reported in August

A poster depicting child sexual abuse.

Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services revealed that in August alone, the authority received 100 cases of various types of violence against children.

The ministry published its case statistic for the month of August on Wednesday.

Cases reported against children include 24 cases of sexual abuse, 15 cases of physical abuse, six cases of emotional abuse, as well as 33 cases of negligence among others.

Meanwhile, 16 cases of behavioral issues for children, and 34 cases of family issues were reported and attended to by the ministry.

The family issue cases involve 15 parenting issues, two custody cases, four maintenance cases, and 13 cases involving access to the child.

In addition to this, the ministry revealed that during August there were four cases of child rights violations and sic cases of children conflicting with the law.

As for gender-based violence, the ministry stats show 38 cases against women and three cases against men.

In this area, physical violence or abuse cases were the highest with 14 reported cases. It was closely followed by emotional abuse with 10 cases. Some other types of cases include rape, stalking, sexual violence, controlling behavior, and withdrawal or damage to property.

The month also saw two cases of suicidal thoughts, five cases of suicidal behavior, and five cases of self-harming.

Moreover, during August, of the children under state care, one girl was placed with foster families, while six children were reintegrated with their families.

By August, a total of 188 children are under state care.