MNDF: Large area searched, missing man still not found

Photos of the capsized speedboat and its location. (Photo/MNDF)

Maldivian National Defence Force’s (MNDF) Coastguard said on Saturday that although a large area has been searched for the individual reported missing, he has not been found.

The search operation commenced for the man after the speedboat he was traveling on capsized south of AA. Maalhos.

The missing individual is 28-year-old Mohamed Minhaj (Minha / S. Hithadhoo)

MNDF stated that the search operation is ongoing and that they have already covered an area of 35 nautical miles.

Furthermore, it was revealed that MNDF Coastguard ship Shaheed Ali, their fast intercept crafter – Hakura, and their Dornier flight is involved in the search.

Those with any information on the missing individual are to reach out on coastguard hotline number 191, or landlines 3395981, 3398898, on Viber to 9931082 and via fax to 3391665.