MVR 4.6 billion spent on PSIP projects this year by August

Spokesperson of the President's office, Miuvaan Mohamed speaks at a press conference on September 29, 2022. (Photo/President's Office)

The government, on Thursday, revealed that MVR 4.6 billion has been spend on projects under the Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) this year by the end of August.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, the President’s Office’s Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed said that the government pays special attention to the implementation of PSIP projects – whereas many have been completed as the administration completes fourth year, from the five-year term.

As per the Spokesperson, the government has spent MVR 4.6 billion for PSIP projects by end of this August – which accounts for 76 percent of the total budget allocated for PSIP projects from the state budget.

Miuvaan detailed that PSIP projects were underway at 118 islands at present – conveying the progress of the projects in various developmental stages and statistical updates as well. He noted that 28 projects pertaining to health sector had been completed.

“Housing projects worth over MVR 477 million has been carried out. Land reclamation and road development projects worth MVR 718.2 million have been carried out,” he had said.

He also underscored that there many other PSIP projects that have not commenced in various stages.

Stressing that the work by the government has been accepted and appreciated by the people – Miuvaan said that complaints made by people regarding lack of basic necessities have subsided.

Assuring that the government is working on unfinished PSIP projects at a fast pace, Miuvaan said that the projects will be impacted by the economic downturns across the world. He exampled possible difficulties in acquiring the equipment and material needed over increased prices.

During his recent trip to Boduthilathunmathi, President Ibrahim Mohamed carrying out projects without discrimination between islands over population, big or small, or by people, was more important than the government’s manifesto.

Apart from briefing the media on PSIP projects during today’s press conference – Miuvaan also spoke regarding important events scheduled for next week.

He noted that President Solih will be taking part in different events being held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Maldives’ tourism sector. In this regard, the tourism appreciation night scheduled for later tonight is one the events President Solih will be attending.