Dhiraagu begins issuing latest iPhones for customers who preordered

Customers who preordered iPhone Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max from Dhiraagu begins collecting their devices. (Photo/Dhiraagu)

Dhiraagu, on Friday, began issuing iPhone Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max for customers who preordered the latest addition to iPhone lineup.

Last Friday, Dhiraagu opened preorders for both phones. The telecom operator reported running out of stock in mere moments. They added that opportunity for customers to place purchases will reopen after a new stock is received.

Dhiraagu said that customers can purchase the latest iPhone models by making full payment or on a 12-month installment plan. Customers making the purchase will receive 5GB free bonus data for a period of six months.

Dhiraagu states that they are committed to bring the latest smartphone devices to customers.

Apple unveiled the latest line-up of iPhones on September 8.

The new models come in the colors blue, purple, midnight, starlight and red. Although similar looking to iPhone 13 models – the iPhone 14 models boast new, and improved features.

Among the latest improvements are a 48-megapixel camera in the Pro and Pro Max models, as per Apple will produce crisp pictures. They also have always-on displays that stay lit even when the device is locked, so that important notifications may not be missed.

Another highlight is the “all-day” charge retention and faster processors.

Beginning in November, all the iPhone 14 models will be able to send SOS messages via a new satellite feature — a safety measure intended to let users request help when in remote areas without a wireless connection.

All the iPhone 14 models also will include a motion sensor capable of detecting serious car crashes and automatically connecting to emergency services.