1,413 apply to purchase Vinares Flats

Vinares apartments developed in Hulhumale'. (Sun photo/Mohamed Naail Hussain)

Housing Development Corporation (HDC), on Tuesday, revealed that 1,413 applications were received for Vinares Flats developed in Hulhumale’ Phase II at the expiration of the deadline for applications on last Thursday.

In a statement released today, HDC said that Planning Ministry will be evaluating whether the applicants meet the eligibility criteria for the flats.  

1,344 apartments were built in ten towers under the project. The price of the apartments ranges between MVR 2.5 million and MVR 3 million.

Living conditions of applicants will be reviewed by HDC, following which they will formulate a list based on score attained. Based on the order of the list, applicants will then be granted the opportunity to choose a unit of their preference. After this, financial eligibility of the applicants will be carried out by HDC. Those that meet the criteria will be handed over the units. However, the units of applicants who fail to meet the financial eligibility criteria will be canceled and the chance would be given to those on waiting list.

Finishing works of Vinares Flats are currently underway. HDC states the apartments would be handed over to recipients within the first quarter of next year.