Aasandha desks open in Addu and Kulhudhuffushi

Aasandha office. (File Photo/Raajjemv)

Aasandha desks have been opened in the southern Addu City and northern Kulhudhuffushi City as part of the government’s efforts to enhance access to national health insurance services.

In a press conference Thursday afternoon, President’s Office spokesperson Mohamed Miuvaan acknowledged difficulties faced by people in outer lying islands due to centralization of Aasandha services.

Miuvaan said the current administration was committed to fulfilling its pledge to resolve the issue.

He said that Aasandha desks were opened in Addu and Kulhudhuffushi on Thursday, as part of the administration’s efforts to enhance access to national health insurance service.

The desks were opened in Addu Equatorial Hospital and Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital.

“Though Aasandha counters have now been opened in these two regions, it is the government’s aim to find a way to provide the services to people across Maldives, without having the services provided from the Male’ head office alone,” he said.

Miuvaan described the establishment of Aasandha desks in Addu and Kulhudhuffushi as a huge convenience to the people.