MNU's FHS kicks off Physiotherapy Day celebrations

First Lady Fazna Ahmed participating in the world Physiotherapy celebrations organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences of MNU. (Photo / President's Office)

Maldives National University’s (MNU) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) on Thursday commenced a two-day event to mark World Physiotherapy Day.

From the two-day event, activities planned for Thursday are held at FHS. Meanwhile, the activities open to the public will be held at the Social Center.

 World Physiotherapy Day is marked annually on September 8.

The activities held at FHS to kick off the celebrations were officiated by First Lady Fazna Ahmed.

The First Lady took time to visit the stalls, gather information, and even got screened for the screening stalls.

Lecturer and Course Coordinator at MNU Mohamed Nimal said to Sun that the purpose of this event was to create more public awareness of physiotherapy and to open further opportunities for it in Maldives.

He said that these two events are aimed to educate people on physiotherapy and how it can help individuals.

“Most often people don’t know what physiotherapy is, how physiotherapists work. The main thing is whether due to an accident or an inherent disability, physiotherapy tells [you] how to move and live with those. So with this, quality of life improves.”

FHS currently offers Bachelor of Physiothraoy – the first university in Maldives offering this programme. Starting in 2019, the programme has 54 students stying.

Nimal stated that these students were completing their fourth year of the programme and that they will be graduating and walking into the employment arena next year.

This is the second year MNU marks Physiotherapy Day. The celebrations for this year include health screening and games and activities for children.