Installation of dash cameras in taxis made mandatory

Taxis queued at Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Taxi regulation has been amended and gazette to make the installation of dash cameras in taxis mandatory.

The amendment to the regulation publicized on Tuesday stipulates that dash camera must be installed at all taxis, whereas the device must be recording in all service hours. These recordings must be kept for at least three days.

Apart from this, the amendment states that the prices of taxi service shall be displayed on taxis, in a manner viewable to passengers.

The amendment also set outs how motorbikes and private vehicles can provide taxi services.

Action will be taken against individuals in violation of the act from six months starting tomorrow.

The amendments to taxi regulation including many of the articles stipulated in older versions has been gazetted by the Transport Ministry at a time efforts are underway to commence minibus service in Male’ City. Some taxi drivers have raised concerns they have on the commencement of minibus service including a possible decrease to their earnings.