WHO delegation in Maldives to provide technical assistance

The delegation from WHO meeting with the Minister of Health. (Photo / Health Ministry)

A delegation from World Health Organization (WHO) is currently visiting Maldives to provide technical advice on cancer and noncontagious diseases.

The delegation comprised experts from WHO Maldives Office, Reginal Office and Headquarters, International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC), and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The group will be in Maldives from August 22, till August 25. During this time discussions will be held with relevant authorities in Maldives, and NGO’s officials from hospitals that treat cancer.

Additionally, the team will visit hospitals in other Atolls and gather information as well.

Moreover, the delegation and Ministry of Health together will be working on creating a guideline for identifying noncontagious diseases such as cancer, facilities for treating them, and treatment guidelines.

The delegation will examine cancer control, and record mantainence of cancer patients and treatment. They will also inquire about cancer and those who treat long-term illnesses and how the treatment is organized for them.

Based on all the information, the delegation will make recommendations to the health system and services provided in Maldives,