76th session of WHO Regional Committee for Southeast Asia begins

The 76th meeting of the East Asia Regional Committee begins on October 30, 2023.

The 76th meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Committee for Southeast Asia began in New Delhi today.

The person leading the Maldivian delegation for this meeting, which runs from today till next Thursday, is Minister of Health, Ahmed Naseem.

The WHO Regional Committee meeting is the most important 'governance' meeting that includes health ministers, health officials and professionals from 11 countries in the region regarding the health of the public from those countries.

Highlights of this year's meeting include the election of a regional director for the next five years.

At this year's Regional Committee, a special "round table" meeting of regional health officials is scheduled for tomorrow to discuss ways to strengthen public health in the region.

A resolution entitled "Delhi Declaration on Strengthening Primary Health Care as a Key Element Towards Achieving Universal Health Coverage" will be adopted to work towards this.

The meeting will discuss international efforts to eradicate TB, strengthen public health and promote school health.

It is also on the agenda to discuss the possibilities of expanding the region's health emergency fund.

Discussions will also be held on the 2024-2025 program budget, sustainable financing and the 14th General Program of Work (GPW14).

This year's meeting will include meetings with other countries to promote the health sector in Maldives.