Seal that beached at Addu City leaves

The seal spotted in Addu City's Hithadhoo district. (Photo/Naj)

The lone seal which was spotted in Hithadhoo district of Addu City over a week ago has left.

The seal measuring in approximately eight feet in length, was first spotted at Hithadhoo’s Kanbihi Beach on July 31. After disappearing for a while, the seal resurfaced at Hithadhoo’s Kinbivau Beach on August 7.

The seal spotted in Addu City's Hithadhoo district. (Photo/Naj)

Addu City Council, on Wednesday, stated that the seal had left the beach after staying on it for four days.

In an earlier statement, Addu City Council underscored that as this was a rare occurrence – many had gathered at the beach to take pictures, with some even having attempted to feed the seal.

The Council urged residents not to harm the seal, nor attempt to feed it.

People gather to view seal that beached in Addu City's Hithadhoo district.

Seals are independent creatures that live on their own.

Seals are mostly spotted in cold regions such as Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. Spotting a seal at a humid country such as the Maldives is usually very unlikely.