Barge collides into Hulhudhuffaaru petrol shed, shattering it beyond use

R. Hulhudhuffaaru petrol shed in shatters following collision with a barge. (Photo/Facebook)

The ramp of a barge carrying a highmark amidst trying to dock at R. Hulhudhuffaaru harbor collided into the island’s petrol shed – shattering it completely beyond use.

Hulhudhuffaaru Council President Mohamed Athif told Sun that the incident occurred at approximately 11:00am this morning.

“The ramp was drawn when the barge entered the island – and even when it was trying to dock at the harbor. This is actually not permitted. Because the weather was bad – even they had not been able to pay as much as attention as they should have,” he detailed.

Athif said that the petrol shed was inaugurated after Ramadan of this year. Although no one was injured in the accident – he stressed that the damage to the petrol shed will halt its services for a prolonged period of time.