CP Hameed: Serious concerns over policing effort at yoga event, will improve operations

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, on Wednesday, has expressed concerns regarding Maldives Police Service’s policing efforts at the yoga event held at Galolhu National Stadium on Tuesday morning – pledged to further strengthen their operations.

Via a tweet, CP Hameed said that he has serious concerns regarding the policing efforts at yesterday’s event which amounted to a major security breach. He also underscored that an internal review of the police operation was currently underway – expressing intention to extend full cooperation to all inquiries conducted by relevant authorities.

He also added that swift action against those who stormed the event. Apart from this, he assured that corrective steps will be taken to improve the operations of Maldives Police Service.

The ‘Yoga Day’ event was hosted by Youth Ministry in collaboration with Indian Cultural Centre.

Ambassador of India to the Maldives Munu Mahawar, diplomats and senior officials from the Maldivian government alongside members of the general public were doing yoga at Galolhu National Stadium when the premise was stormed.

The group which stormed the stadium were carrying flags containing verses from the Shahada. They threatened, attacked the participants and vandalized the property.

Many have expressed concern over the security breach – stressing the police had not taken adequate measures to subdue the rioters. The number of officers on premise maintaining the security at an event seeing the participation of high level local and foreign officials have also been questioned.

Police have made six arrests in connection to the mob, who have all been remanded in custody.

Apart from this, their identities have been disclosed. The six suspects are:

  •         Mohamed Nadheem, 43, Venus, K. Thulusdhoo
  •         Mohamed Zilyan, 37, Ma. Kanuhura, K. Male’
  •         Shaamy Rasheed Idrees, 30, Dhafthar No. 1105, K. Male’
  •         Mohamed Mausoom, 40, Happy Side, Th. Madifushi
  •         Mohamed Hussain, 47, Greenhouse, HA. Thuraakunu
  •         Ameen Ahmed, 35, Lily Park, GDh. Rathafandhoo

From the six suspects – Mohamed Nasheed, Mohamed Mausoom, Mohamed Hussain and Ameen Ahmed has been remanded in police custody for 60 days. Meanwhile, Mohamed Zilyan and Shaamy Rasheed Idrees have been remanded in custody for five days.