Dhidhdhoo Junior College project site handed over to contractor

HA. Dhidhdhoo Junior College project site handed over to the contractor on June 11, 2022. (Photo/Higher Education Ministry)

The project site for the junior college in HA. Dhidhdhoo – part of a larger project to establish higher education facilities across Maldives – has been officially handed over to the contractor.

The project site was handed over to the contractor, Wee Hour Investment Pvt. Ltd., in a meeting at the Secretariat of Dhidhdhoo Council on Saturday evening.

The meeting was followed by a site tour, attended by officials from Higher Education Ministry, Wee Hour Investment, and Dhidhdhoo Council.

Higher Education Ministry states that the junior college in Dhidhdhoo will offer courses in the field of food processing and technology, as well as vocational training in additional fields.

A 30,000 square feet plot has been allocated from the newly reclaimed area of Dhidhdhoo for the college.

The first phase of the project – which is currently in progress – involves the construction of a block for education. An accommodation block is set to be constructed in the second phase of the project.

Higher Education Ministry states the junior college in Dhidhdhoo will have a food processing lab, a food testing lab, a multi-purpose workshop, an ICT lab, and classrooms.

The college will also have an admin area, staffroom, an area for student support services, auditorium, meeting rooms, study rooms, and a library, as well as activity centers to promote physical wellbeing, a gym, and basic facilities such as restrooms, prayer rooms and elevator.

Wee Hour Investment is required to complete the project in 300 days.

Constructing a junior college in Dhidhdhoo was one of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s electoral pledges.

Higher Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan said last year that the college would open at the end of this year.