Speaker Nasheed: Only 2 from planned 22 bills submitted from government

Speaker of Parliament, former President Mohamed Nasheed presides over a parliamentary sitting. (Photo/People's Majilis)

Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed said that 20 bills have yet to be completed from the total of 22 bills planned to be submitted by the government during the second session of the Parliament.

He made this statement while speaking during the Parliament session on Wednesday. He noted that so far only two bills – an amendment to the financial act and a waste management bill – have been sent to the Parliament.

Nasheed highlighted that bills that were important and significant have yet to be submitted. He detailed that this includes amendments to Judicature Act, Judges Act, Judicial Service act and Legal Profession Act.

“I believe that with these four bills, discussions can be held on issues within the judiciary, so revisions can be done, amendments can be submitted. There is an opportunity for great works in this tenure to improve things”

Significant bills are planned to be submitted in this session:

- Amendments to the Financial Act

- Amendments to the Drugs Act

- Amendments to Judges Act

- Amendments to Judicial Service Commission Act

Brand new bills to be submitted:

- The waste management act

- Safety and health protection at workplace act

- Foreign investment act

- Maldives health services act

- Banning medical weapons act

The list of bills was sent to the Parliament from the President’s Office on Tuesday, May 24.

Within the last two weeks, several Parliament sessions were cut short due to a lack of work. Many of the previously submitted bills were at committee stages.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s Office stated that nine bills were sent to the President’s Office to be forwarded to Parliament during this session.