Parliament rejects motion on people's registration to political parties without their knowledge

A Parliament session underway. (Photo/Parliament)

Parliament, on Monday, has rejected a motion filed by Maduvvari MP Adam Shareef Umar alleging that people are being registered for political parties without their knowledge.

In his motion, MP Shareef said that increased cases of members of political parties being interchanged out of the blue without reason have been observed – which has raised concerns amongst the public.

“As it impedes people’s right to work alongside their preferred political ideology; leads to situations where their own rights are infringed; causes unjust financial profit and loss to political parties; decreases public trust in the multiparty system and other political and social issues,” he had said in the motion.

In the vote taken at today’s parliamentary sitting on whether to accept or reject MP Shareef’s motion – the motion was rejected by the vote of 17 parliamentarians, with only 10 parliamentarians voting to accept the motion.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Elections Commission (EC) announced the publication of details of individuals submitting forms to register with a political party. The authority cited ensuring the authenticity of the application submitted to them as the reasoning behind the publication of individual information.