Physical works commences on mosque at newly populated area in Hanimaadhoo

Renders of new mosque being developed at HDh. Hanimaadhoo. (Photo/Islamic Ministry)

Physical works have commenced on a new mosque at HDh. Hanimaadhoo.

Physical works were inaugurated by Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir Ali and Hanimaadhoo Council Abdul Sattar Hassan.

The mosque is being developed at the newly populated area on the island.

Hanimaadhoo Council President Abdul Sattar Hassan told Sun that there were one small mosque and two large mosques at Hanimaadhoo at present. However, stressed the mosques overfill during periods of time with large numbers of visitors to the island.

“When this mosque if finished and it reaches to a point where it can be used – it can be managed for approximately upcoming 10 years based on the population,” he added.

The mosque which will capacitate 500 worshippers in total is valued at MVR 11.9 million.

The project was awarded to a contractor in last February – to be completed within a one-year period. Last date to complete the project is March 6, 2023.

At present, Hanimaadhoo has one mosque able to capacitate 400 worshippers; one mosque able to capacite 700 worshippers and one mosque able to capacitate 150 worshippers.

Council President Abdul Sattar detailed that island presently has an approximate total population of over 3,000 people.

He noted that it had been discussed with the contractor to complete the new mosque ahead of next year’s Ramadan.