MNDF-US Military commences joint trainings

MNDF and American millinery commenced joint-trainings in Maldives. (Photo/MNDF)

Maldives National Defense Forece (MNDF) and US Military commenced joint trainings in Maldives.

The training aimed to increase capability of officers are a joint effort of the US First Battalion Fifth Security Force Assistant Brigadier and the Maldivian Military.

According to MNDF, the training sessions titled ‘Exercise Black Merlin 2-22’ was kicked off on Saturday morning by the Central Area Command in L.Kahdhdhoo.

MNDF further revealed that the sessions will continue until June 16.

Under the training, medical, marksmanship, counter IED, breaching, close quarter battle skills will be practiced.

Moreover, during the training, simulation weapons and bombs will be used.

Exercise Black Merlin are undertaken to train for the operational tasks, increase capability, find out MNDF’s operational readiness and capability, and also find out things that need further strengthening.