Ex-Pres Yameen’s home vandalized with calls for his arrest

Former President Yameen's home was sprayed with messages calling for his arrest. (Sun Photo / Naail Hussain)

The walls outside former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s residence as well as the office building of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) have been vandalized with messages calling for his arrest.

The messages in black believed to be spayed in the early hours of Thursday were spread near the garage gates of Yameen’s home, H. Dhoovehi, the PPM office and nearby posters put up by the party.

Additionally, fliers branding Yameen a thief were thrown on the streets in the area.

This comes just a week after a group under the name ‘Maldivian Youth Force’ held protests in front of the former President's home. These protestors vocalized the opposition’s ‘India Out’ campaign led by Yameen.

The group has also made their social media debut, with their first post itself criticising the campaign and issuing threats against Yameen.

Police stated that a complaint regarding a threat made against Yameen via a video on social media was lodged with them on Monday, May 2, and a second complaint was filed on May 3 asking to investigate the post on Facebook.

The threats have also been submitted to the Parliament’s Security Services Committee.